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The products contained within the BNM Store are hand-selected by me, Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM and used in my clinic everyday. 


Because of their high quality and efficacy. 

Unlike a health food store, why should my clinic stock 17 varieties of any particular mineral when the research is clear that certain forms of minerals are more highly absorbed that others

Unlike a health store, why should my clinic stock 22 varieties of vitamins when the research is clear that 'active' forms of B's are more efficacious since they get around genetic polymorphism disturbances found in every one of us?

Unlike a health store, why would I want to stock aspartate and aspartic forms of minerals and Vitamin C products when the research is not pretty about the negative effects of these forms on the NMDA receptors in the brain? 

Why would I want to stock soy-based products when the research is becoming more clear each day about it's lower quality protein content, difficult digestive issues and negative impacts on the thyroid and more?

Why would I want to stock products that have a long history of toxic contamination?  For example, products such as bone meal (lead), bentonite (aluminum) and collodial minerals (arsenic, beryllium...) to name just a few.

Why would I want to stock a products whose price is not in alignment with its benefits?

Why would I want to stock a OTC product without active, bioavailable nutrients that get around genetic polymorphisms found in ALL people when I could stock physician-grade products at the same price, less or just a bit more?

The above is only a short list of all the thoughts that go into the selection of products I choose to carry (and not carry) on my shelves.  Frankly, I know too much and I don't carry a product I'm not willing to consume myself!

Online ordering offers these perks over traditional phone/fax/email orders:

      * Free shipping/handling on online orders over $150 (mainland USA only)

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Of course, if there is a physician-grade product you have found great success with and it is not found within our BNM Store, feel free to visit our online Mega Store where 20,000+ products are found---discounted 25% at check-out.


If  there is anyway we can improve our store, if you find any errors or if there is a product you have purchased from us before and it is not found within BNM online store,  please let us know!

But remember, Beck Bucks are earned and redeemed on only online purchases from within this portion of the website .  In other words, Beck Bucks are NOT earned on Mega Store,  in-clinic, phone, fax, email etc purchases....

So, what are you waiting for?

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