Sanitary Quick Change

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Advanced multi-stage reverse osmosis filtration system

Exclusive quick change filter design

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Simply water...clear and refreshing, filtered from ordinary tap water. By utilizing a self-cleansing technology., Water Factory Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water systems ensures long lasting water quality from your tap.
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This is the SQC4 model

This is what we mean by SQC:
(SQC3 shown)

Sanitary:  No water flying around during filter changes
Quick:  Twist and its out.  No tools.
Change:  Removal of filters is no longer a hassle!

Fits easily under the sink
(SQC3 shown)

Note:  Tank lays side-ways if you have garbage disposal





The Water Factory SQC 4 , under the counter TFC reverse osmosis unit is designed for use with chlorinated or unchlorinated water conditions. Easy sanitary quick change cartridge replacements. Can produce up to 33 gallons of drinking water a day.

For more than two decades Water Factory has been creating extraordinary drinking water system. Systems designed to give you the highest quality water possible, in the most convenient, cost effective way.

While some bottled waters may approach the quality produced by the Water Factory SQC, it is significantly more expensive and much less convenient.  Nothing beats "point of use" filtration!  Best of all, your Water Factory SQC makes delicious water just for you daily. No other alternative can compare to the Water Factory SQC.

The Euro-styling and slender, compact design makes the Water Factory SQC fit any kitchen. An attractive stainless steel faucet is all you see with a high flow long reach spout that makes filling containers fast and easy. At last, all the great tasting, high quality water you want to be right at your fingertips for your drinking and cooking needs. Coffee, tea and juices will have a richer flavor. Connect it to your refrigerator and even your icemaker for clearer harder cubes and greatly improved cold beverages (additional hardware required).

Selecting The Water Factory SQC gives you the most advanced technology available anywhere. The exclusive Sanitary Quick Change design means no tools and no more mess! The sealed cartridges can be easily changed in seconds.

With just a quarter turn, the disposable cartridges can be changed in a clean, sanitary fashion. And your filters are untouched by human hands. Each cartridge is factory sealed for your protection and peace of mind.

Features and benefits

Incredible output:  Up to 33 gallons per day! Now you can do everything from wash your veggies to feeding your pet with clean RO water because you no longer have to scrimp due to water bottle costs. Speaking of water bottles, no more carrying heavy water bottles to/from the store or the impact of discard bottles on the environment.

Includes everything you'll need: Filters, membrane, storage tank, chrome faucet.  Sleek design.  Takes up less space than other RO units.

Not one but TWO pre-filters prior to the RO membrane.  The more pre-filtration prior to the membrane, the less stress the RO membrane experiences as well as the more toxins which can be removed.

Cuno/Water Factory is a large company with a long history of RO design, development and sales of residental and commercial RO units.  In fact, their commercial units produce over 25,000 gallons per day.  Select a manufacturer with extensive experience in the RO field and will be around tomorrow.

Independent third party certification:  NSF certified and listed for contaminant reduction

Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) filter cartridges for easy installation and service -- no spills, no mess, no contamination issues. 

Sanitary: Unlike other manufacturers, entire filter cartridge is discarded and replaced each time.  No need to sanitize canisters during each filter change.

Easy, quick change of filters and membranes.  No tools. No calls to the plumber just to change the filters.

Automatic back-flush.

Chlorine-proof RO membrane:  Chlorine is added to most public water supplies and tends to degrade RO membranes quickly.

5 micron graded density sediment pre-filter for optimal dirt holding capacity

Granular activated carbon pre-filter to protect RO membrane

High Flux TFC RO membrane

Radial flow block carbon polishing filter for highest faucet output

Patented stealth flow control for long life of RO membrane

Slim profile.  Space saving design.

System designed for both chlorinated and non-chlorinated municipal or well systems. (Note: if you are on a well, its imperative you have a water softener too... this is true no matter whose RO system you buy.  But if you are on municipal/city water, no pretreatment is needed.

Conserves water, shutting down when storage tank is full.  Automatically turns on to refill tank.

1/4  turn sanitary quick-change filter designed for clean, easy cartridge changes.  System design minimizes risk of injury and physical challenges associated with under-sink appliance maintenance.

Easy installation beneath kitchen sink conveniently dispenses purified water for all healthy water-based cooking and consumption.

Requires no electricity, powered by residential water line pressure.

Adaptable for use with non air-gap decorative faucets to match any decorative style and function.

Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) System allows safe, clean filter replacement and eliminates handling filter media.  The pre and post filters are as easy to change as a light bulb.  The RO module is equipped with quick-connect fittings for tool-free replacement.

Costs about $.12 per gallon.  If you are currently buying water, our unit will pay for itself within months!

Unlike other RO units, easy filter replacement -- no tools are required!

Tested and Certified by NSF International to remove: SQC Model Summery
  • Chlorine
  • Bad Tastes & Odors
  • Dirt & Rust
  • Sediment
  • Arsenic
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Radium 226/228
  • Selenium
  • Chlorine
  • Sodium
  • Turbidity
  • TDS
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite




SQC 4 -TFC membrane, may be used in either chlorinated water or unchlorinated water. Dedicated sediment and dedicated carbon prefilters as well as dedicated carbon postfilter.


Produces up to 33 gallons per day!


Application Guidelines / Water Supply Parameters
Membrane Type
Water Pressure
50 - 100 psi
Water Temperature
40 - 100F
pH Range
4.0 - 11.0
Maximum TDS Level
<350 mg/L

<0.01 mg/L

<0.05 mg/L
Hydrogen Sulfide
<1 NTU
Otherwise pretreatment is required

16"H x 14"W x 4"D

19 " H x 9" Diameter (Tank can sit on its side under the sink as well)

Tank can easily sit on its side if there is a garbage disposal under the sink too!


Yes, we sell replacement filters!

Pre-filters:  Change every 12 months

Post-filter:  Change every 12 months

R.O. filter:  Change every 3-4 years

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